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2011 1M Coupe - The Last One

Back in 2001 when Rogue Engineering was just started, we built project cars because of the fun and challenge.  15 years later, we're still doing the same thing.

When the owner of this unique 1M Coupe came to us to build this project for us, we were happy to accommodate.  With such a special vehicle (around 700 in the US), this in fact was THE LAST 1M delivered in the US.  As this car began its unique life, it encountered a bumpy history as it was crashed by its first owner badly enough to be written off by the insurance company.  The current owner purchased the vehicle, salvage title and all, with the plans of making it into a fun track car.


  • Performance Software


  • Performance Exhaust System




  • Brooks Motorsports Carbon Fiber Rear Wing with Rogue Engineering custom designed uprights
  • SLEK front bumper filler
  • Custom front splitter