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Rogue Engineering PRO Wheel Stud
Black Zinc Chromate Finish

Rogue Engineering PRO Wheel Stud

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For racing and track customers, Rogue Engineering is proud to offer our PRO wheel studs. Produced exclusively for Rogue Engineering, we wanted to ensure that not only would these incorporate unique features not found in our street/track studs but also incredibly strong.

Regular laboratory testing of our latest batch has shown that our PRO studs exceeded Grade 12.9 yield strength by an average of 14.6% and tensile strength by 10.6%. What does all these numbers mean? This means one of the strongest studs money can buy.

Yield Strength (lb/in2)

Tensile Strength (lb/in2) 

Titanium 6Al/4V Annealed Hardware

128,000 min

138,000 min

Grade 10.9 Spec, ISO R898

130,000 min

150,800 min

Grade 12.9 Spec, ASTM A370, ISO 89

160,000 min

 177,000 min

Rogue Engineering PRO Stud

187,500 average

197,000-199,000 average

 PRO Studs Technical Specifications

  • Hardened and tempered to beyond Grade 12.9 class to DIN/ISO 898 (independent lab testing shows much higher strength)
  • Max Torque Recommendation: Recommended torque on BMW applications is 80 ft. lbs. (M12 size) or 100 ft. lbs. (M14 size) COLD torque.  DO NOT HOT TORQUE WHEELS!
  • New! Black zinc chromate finish (M12 only)
  • 82mm stud length, with bullet nose design allows for easier wheel installations
  • Studs are available in three configurations; M12 x 1.5, M14 x 1.5, and M14 x 1.25 (hub end) with 1.5 thread end
  • Allows for up to 20mm spacer

What's with the M14 stud?
Eagle eyed Rogue Engineering customers will notice that our new M14 studs (for F-Series cars) are constructed with M14 x 1.25 threads to go into the wheel hub but M14 x 1.5 thread on the exposed side. This allows for faster nut engagement as well as more wheel nut options in the industry (since BMW is the only ones using M14 x 1.25 so far). This allows users to get replacement nuts from more sources in case they need them quickly. Make sure you order M14 x 1.5 nuts to go with this size stud.

How much torque is too much torque?
A common question we get is how often should studs last? Perhaps a better answer is the actual inspection of the stud itself. Although a stud may appear "fine", closer inspection may show otherwise.

Below is a picture of a new stud and a yielded stud with a thread pitch gauge, showing that a stud has clearly been over stretched beyond its yield point. It would be a matter of time before this yielded stud would break while being used.

Stud Service Life
When is the time to replace studs?  Unfortunately, most decide to do it when it is too late, when they've already broken one or more studs.  We have surveyed and asked many racers and drivers and it would be the consensus that approximately 10 hours of track use would be a safe interval for a stud change.  Driving to the track event does not count as "interval time".  If you attend the average HPDE, generally speaking, a driver will get 1.5 hours of track time.  With this in mind, the studs should be changed after 7 track events. This also means NO nut torquing while in the "hot pits" as the actual temperature of the stud can increase by 30%.  This is generally for M12 stud users.  Our experience with M14 studs is much longer!

Fits the following vehicles:

  • M12 x 1.5 will fit E36, E46, E39, E60, E63, E9X, E82, E88, E85, E89
  • M14 x 1.5 will fit E53, E65
  • M14 x 1.25 will fit F30, F32, F10, F06, F12, F13, F80, F82, F83

Installation Notes: We recommend the use of Loctite 262 on the base of the threads of the stud during installation. Installation of the studs into the hub only requires 15 ft. lbs. We find the "double-nut" method to be the best way to install these.

Upgrade your M12 BMWs to M14s with our exclusive Wheel Stud Jig!

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