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Formula 43 Forged Wheels

Rogue Engineering is proud to offer Formula 43 wheels!  These wheels are custom made and normally have a 4 week lead time.  Currently available in 18" and 19" diameters, they can be built in a width range 8.0" to 14.0".  Prices start at $925 each.

Rotary Forged
Formula 43 modular wheel center sections use a Rotary Forged process that results in a superior tighter, circular grain structure. The rotary forged center section begins life as a cylinder of billet. The billet is then heated and placed into a die in the rotary forging machine. The die spins the billet at 300 RPM while the billet is pressed from above at a 5 degree angle. The material then flows in a circular pattern into the die. The new forging is then heat treated, quenched and aged to T6 standards. The end result is a rotary forged center section that has stiffer spoke dimensions, lighter weight and a quicker moment of inertia.

Formula 43 Spin-Form
The Spin-Form process developed by Formula 43 is a specific method in spinning 6061 aluminum circular sheets into 2 piece rim-halves. The computer controlled German spinning machine uses four rollers to form the inner and outer rim-halves on tooling designed in the shape of each rim-half. The Formula 43 method is a three step process:

(1) spinning the part.
(2) heating and aging the 6061 rims to T6 condition and
(3) re-calibrating the rim-half after heat treating to ensure a very low run-out of the part.

Along with the Formula 43 process, several changes to the rims have been made to better fit and perform with today's modern racing and sports cars:

1. Improved safety bead on both inner and outer rims to ensure proper seating of the tire so that the tire will stay mounted to the rim in the event of impact or loss of air pressure.
2. Improved rim contour to help ease tire mounting and bead seating.
3. Added material in specific areas of the rim-half for additional strength and stiffness.
4. Drop center contour updated for proper TPMS fitment and installation without having to add additional brackets or modifications.

The end result is we've engineered and are able to manufacture a high quality, performance wheel line. We've even submitted our wheels to an independent testing facility to see if they can hold up to demanding SAE Certification in 18" (pdf) and 19" (pdf) sizes, as well as Impact testing for both 18" (pdf) and 19" (pdf).

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