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This is a guide to show how to modify E46 M3 mirrors in order to retrofit them onto E46 sedans/wagons.  This does not cover the required modifications to the door itself, to mount these mirrors.

Rogue Engineering does NOT offer any telephone or email technical support for this modification, so please do NOT call or write.

Perform these modifications at your own risk. 

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Completely disassemble both drivers and passenger side mirrors so that you are left with just the aluminum bases.  It is helpful that you mark the backs of the bases so that you don't lose track of which base goes with which parts.
Front View of Mirror Bases
Mirror base bottom view.
Front View of Mirror Bases
Using some masking tape, tape the bottom "studs" of the mirror bottom leaving approximately 1/8" (3.175mm) exposed.  It is crucial that tape be wrapped tight on the studs as you will be marking the ends with a magic marker.
Front View of Mirror Bases
Continue masking each "stud" so that all have 1/8" (3.175mm) exposed.
Mirror bottom "studs" masked
The longest side of the mirror base (opposite of the front mounting hole), you will need to mask and expose the area towards the mirror base bottom.  You will expose approximately 1/8" to 5/32" (3.175mm to 4mm).  When masking this area, try to follow the curvature of the TOP of the mirror base. 

Our goal is to try to grind the base down with a slight curve, not just straight across the bottom edge.

Long edge masked
Long edge of the mirror base, after being marked.
Long edge marked
The bottom edge of the mirror base (if the mirror were mounted on the car) needs to be "tapered" to the point where it meets up with the ground down edge of the long edge.

Note the taper of the marking.  It starts approximately 2.9" from the corner and meets the masking of the long edge.

It doesn't have to be exactly, but make sure the taper is smooth and gradual.

Corner masked
This shows the taper, after being marked.
Corner after marking
Mirror base, ready to be modified.
Completely marked
Mirror base, after modification.

When grinding, using a standard bench grinder (with standard stone) may not work that well since aluminum tends to "gum up" on the stone.  You can use a die grinder with a cut off wheel, and use it to take off a majority of the material.  When you get close to the limits, you can go to the bend grinder to do the find detail work.

Make sure that the edges which are ground down are FLAT on the underside.

Take extra precaution not to grind off any of the primer of the mirror base as they are already ready to be painted.  If you accidentally grind off any of the primer, you will have to have the have the bodyshop reprime the mirror before paint.

Finished Product

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