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BMW Z4 to E46 M3 Steering Wheel Swap

This is a guide to show you how to remove your Z4 steering wheel and replace it with an E46 M3 steering wheel and airbag.  At this time, the control buttons on the wheel do not work.  Keep watching for that as another DIY soon.  Working with airbags can be very dangerous, so use caution or seek the help of a professional before attempting this.

Parts Required:  E46 M3 Steering Wheel P/N 32 34 2 282 020
Airbag  P/N 32 30 6 757 891
Tools Required: Flat Blade Screwdriver
10mm Wrench
16mm Deep Socket


Rogue Engineering does NOT offer any telephone or email technical support for this modification, so please do NOT call or write.

Perform these modifications at your own risk. 

Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Disconnect the negative battery terminal using a 10mm wrench and secure it away from the battery.  Allow the car to sit for 10 minutes before attempting to continue.
Locate the two airbag release holes behind the top of the steering wheel.  Insert a thin flat bladed screw driver through the hole and push on the airbag retention spring.  When the spring is pushed in, the airbag will release.  It can take a little time to find the spring, so be patient.  Repeat the same step on the other side of the steering wheel.
Lift airbag away from steering wheel and locate connectors on back of airbag.  Using a small flat blade screwdriver,  Pry the connector clip upwards.  Once the tab is up, unplug and repeat on the other connector.  Store airbag in a safe place with the front facing upwards.
Remove the top plug inside the steering wheel from the slip ring and move aside.  Using a 16mm socket, remove the bolt in the center of the steering wheel.  You will need to hold the wheel tight with one hand while you break the bolt loose with the other.  A second person can hold the wheel also while bolt is broken loose.  Once bolt is out, pull the wheel towards you to remove from the column.
Slide the new wheel onto the column and line up the alignment marks on the wheel and the column.  Reinstall the bolt when the wheel is lined up and tighten.
Reconnect the plugs from the wheel to the slip ring.  Plug in the accessory plug on the right even though it will not work.  This will keep the plug out of the way. 
Plug both airbag connectors back into airbag and lock them in by pushing in the plug clip.  Line up airbag with steering wheel and push in to lock airbag into place.  Make sure airbag is fully seated by pushing on the right and left sides.  Reconnect your battery and enjoy!

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