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2002 E46 M3 Carbon Widebody Trackcar

IMSA Continential Tire GS driver Steve Phillips one of the many professionals that have driven, tested, and raced our parts.
Here he is in our test car in 2012 at NJMP.

Commissioned years ago for a customer, we assumed and completed this visionary project which has now become our R&D test bed for new and future products. This vehicle has seen various BMW CCA and Hooked on Driving outtings in the hands of extremely capable drivers. Tipping the scales at just over 2900 lbs, it is everything you expect an E46 M3 to be and much, much more.

Estimated cost to develop this project vehicle is around $90,000.








  • Carbon PTG Grand AM front bumper with carbon splitter/undertray, dive planes
  • Carbon PTG Grand AM front fenders (22mm wider)
  • Carbon PTG ALMS doors
  • Carbon PTG ALMS hood with vents
  • Carbon PTG Grand AM rear fender flares (22mm wider)
  • Carbon PTG Grand AM rear bumper (with build in undertray)
  • Carbon Roof
  • Carbon Wing/Uprights
  • Lexan windshield, rear window and quarter windows
  • Entire exterior repainted BMW Individual Brilliant White