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ACL Rod Bearings

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ACL supplies an extensive range of automotive engine bearings for niche applications and the aftermarket worldwide. Although ACL manufactures several different materials to suit various applications, tri-metal copper lead DuraglideTM F780 is considered to be the premium material and is used extensively in many aftermarket applications.

The material provides the widest range of load carrying capacities with excellent durability, making it ideal for connecting rod and main bearings in passenger cars using gas and diesel, and high performance engines.

ACL DuraglideTM F780 bearings are a tough solution for a tough problem. Engine re-builders are confronted by an increasingly diverse range of engines with a wide range of OEM bearing types. While these OEM bearing types and materials may be well suited to engines finished to the exacting specifications of modern engine manufacturers, they are often ill suited to used engines reconditioned and rebuilt in a flexible workshop.

The ACL F780 tri-metal material system at the heart of DuraglideTM 780 bearings has been designed for and proven in a wide range of engine applications, both OE and aftermarket. The complimentary layers ensure that superior strength is available from the steel and sintered copperlead-tin lining, accompanied by the excellent anti-seizure properties of the lead-tin-copper overlay. For the engine rebuilder this means confidence – the confidence provided by a tough bearing capable of great performance whether fitted in a garage or precision workshop.

ACL DuraglideTM F780 bearings are precision manufactured to a wall thickness tolerance of ±.00026? giving the engine builder close control of vertical oil clearance. For performance engines the extra build quality provided by tight clearance control can make all the difference.

Bearing Construction
1 - Steel strip onto which is added powdered copper-lead-tin metal alloy. The strip is sintered and compressed to bond the alloy to the steel backing.

2 - ACL sintered copper-lead-tin alloys provide a tough structure capable both of resisting high compressive loads and providing excellent adaptability.

3 - A lead-tin-copper overlay is applied to copper-lead-tin bearings produced by ACL. It is necessary however, to include a nickel intermediate layer (barrier plate or dam) to preserve the optimum metallurgy of the overlay under all operating conditions. ACL’s superior quality construction and control in electroplating eliminate potential overlay flaking.

4 - The lead-tin-copper overlay used by ACL consists of approximately 90% lead, 9% tin and 1% copper. Overlay thicknesses are nominally .0005? – .0007? for most automotive applications. TM

DuraglideTM F780 – the only solution when quality counts.

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