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BE Bearings - Engine Rod Bearings

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This is the upgraded rod bearings that we use here at Rogue Engineering.  Clevite is the OEM manufacturer for BMW, but these BE Bearings are actually made to their own specs.  These are not to be confused with any other brand of coated rod bearing!

  • Applicable for BMW 
  • Standard size 
  • Sold as complete set 

Designed and manufactured by Clevite to BE Bearing specifications.

These bearings replace the factory BMW rod bearings. The original BMW bearings have too little clearance, which leads to premature bearing wear and can cause early engine failure.  Furthermore, the factory BMW bearings are made from tin-aluminum which are 5-times harder than a softer lead-copper bearing design. A softer bearing is better for your engine and more tolerant of foreign particles suspended in your oil.

These BE Bearings feature a state-of-the-art Clevite Tri-Metal design with the Clevite Tri-Armor(tm) coating.  

  • Lead-copper design for greater durability and easy tracking with oil analysis like Blackstone (recommended).
  • Designed with extra clearance to "fix" the BMW rod bearing design flaw.
  • Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
  • Tri-Armor coated for low conditions during cold start
  • Ideal for start-stop vehicles
  • Standard Size
Note that these bearings do NOT come with rod bolts, which in most cases, will have to be replaced.  Upgraded rod bolts are not a necessity, even on track/racecars.  Therefore, we normally use factory rod bolts when the job is being done in our shop.

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