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BimmerWorld TE.AL Forged Race Wheel

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Initial Cost vs Long Term

One thing we have been seeing is the popularity of "cheaper" wheels for track cars.  For example, an 18x9.5 ET35 wheelset is typically $1256 retail, before shipping.  The equivalent sized BimmerWorld TE.AL wheelset is $1956 (free shipping with Rogue Engineering).  $700 savings with the flow formed wheel right?  Wait a minute...

If you are a track driver that uses all of the track (including curbing) you will also notice that hitting the curbing outside of the Bus Stop at Watkins Glen International Raceway is like hitting 20 little potholes.  When you're done with a fun weekend at WGI, you will also notice that most all of your wheels will be out of true and bent.  No problem, send them all out for rim straightening (about $100/wheel plus downtime).  However, now that $700 savings has dropped to $300.  Bend up the wheels one more time and now you've spent more than $800 to fix the "cheaper" wheels.

This is NOT limited to track driving.  Driving lightweight, inexpensive wheels on the street is almost worse.  Do NOT buy used versions of these wheels as you will be inheriting someone else's poor decision!

Think about your longterm costs of ownership!

The Smart Choice

The BimmerWorld TE:AL Forged Race Wheel utilizes the most advanced wheel design and manufacturing techniques available in the world. The TA16 model employs a traditional cross-spoke design with 16 attachment points and cutting edge features, extensive FEA, and advanced manufacturing processes to make the strongest, lightest wheel possible.

Key Features

  • Ridged cross-spoke design and internal outer-barrel strengthening rib for ultimate strength, rigidity/camber stiffness, and durability
  • Massive Caliper Clearance - 18" versions fit up to 380mm brakes
  • Pocketed center pad to minimize weight without compromising strength
  • Machined from T6061 aluminum forgings, produced with an industry-leading 10,000 ton press for optimized grain flow
  • Knurled bead seat to minimize tire slippage with higher-powered cars and under heavy braking (this is a unique feature!)
  • Accepts BMW factory center cap (not included)
  • Reverse mount

Wheels are also shot peened and heat treated for exacting strength and increased durability. The construction of the rear rim portion emphasizes extreme strength and quality to be used with super low profile tires and the thrashing typical of pounding curbs on a racetrack, or daily street obstacles.

Rim weights vary from 18.2 lbs. to 21.7 lbs.

BimmerWorld TE:AL Wheels are tested above JWL standards and VIA certified.

Note: Verification of wheel fitment is the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns. Returns are limited to quality issues only.

Priced per wheel (individually).

Rogue Engineering Notes:

We have noticed that in our shop, rim runout (roundness) is extremely good, compared to flow formed competitors. Additionally, these wheels typically use much less wheel weights to balance to zero.  We have also discovered that mounting tires is easier on BW wheels when compared to popular flow formed competitors.  

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