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Big brake kits are not only for "bling" factor on modern stock brake systems.  Generally speaking, the brake systems on modern cars work well in daily driving for infrequent emergency stopping situations.  However, if you are a performance enthusiast, you've probably discovered the that stock brakes cannot handle the demands of being pushed to the limit.

Benefits of a Big Brake Kit
There are numerous benefits to an upgraded big brake kit:

  • Larger, thicker rotors increase heat capacity which allows for brake system to be more resistance to brake fade
  • Multi-piston, fixed caliper system less resistant to caliper distortion than factory OEM units
  • Brake pad changes (from track to street compounds) are much easier to perform
  • Decrease in overall brake system weight
  • Stainless steel lines (included in big brake kits), prevent lines from flexing (bulging under pressure and heat)
  • Increase life in brake fluid
  • ABS systems are left intact
  • Factory engineered brake bias is left intact

Known for their achievements in the performance braking sector, Rogue Engineering proudly sells, uses and installs products from Performance Friction and Brembo

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