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Brembo Brake Kits (Track/Race ONLY)

Rogue Engineering is proud to be Brembo RACE dealer and is authorized to configure and sell these to our customers!

(RACE kit shown with a Type 3 rotor)

When it comes to high performance braking, none have the heritage or history in the making like Brembo.  Racing teams and manufacturers like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche all rely on Brembo for their braking needs.  Whereas you will find Brembo on many OEM companies, it's the supercars such as the Ferrari Enzo, McLaren F1, Porsche Carrera GT which get the blood pumping at the mere mention of their names.  These are just a few that have also relied on Brembo.

From this dominate force in high performance braking, the Brembo CLUB RACE system (formerly known as LeMans or GTR) was developed.  This system offers the pinnacle of Brembo's race technology; this is the closest product package there is to what championship race teams use to win.  The CLUB RACE system provides the benefits of a true racing brake system with the durability and low maintenance of a street braking system.

Features of the Brembo system include:

  • A choice of different rotor types, including drilling, slotting, air gap, annulus, weight and others factors.
  • Brembo high performance brake pads; up to 4 per caliper; track compounds included in the kit.  This can normally cost $700 MORE to a standard big brake kit.
  • Brembo "floating" anti-rattle rotor hardware developed by Brembo for the McLaren F1 road car
  • Brembo billet brackets with aircraft quality hardware

These brakes are specifically designed for club race and fully tracked vehicles.  If you have a vehicle that is a street driven car to the track, speak to a representative if this kit is right for you.

Brembo RACE System FAQ

Q.  What's the difference between a Brembo RACE/GTS caliper and Brembo GT/GTR caliper?
A.  There are a few differences that distinguish a RACE from a GTR or GT caliper.

RACE and GTS calipers do not have the traditional dust seals of the GT/GTR calipers.  They have an inner pressure seal with a stainless steel insert.

RACE and GTS calipers are not painted.  They are hard clear anodized only.

Q.  What rotors does the RACE kit use?
A.  Depending on the application, there are a few different rotors that can be configured for the kit.  Speak to a Rogue Engineering representative to determine what is best for your application.  For example, an E46 M3 has up to SEVEN different rotor types!

Q.  How easy is it to change the pads?
A.  The RACE caliper has a swing bridge, making pad swaps really easy.  The Monobloc design of the GTS requires the caliper to be removed to change pads (two nuts per caliper)

Q.  How many pistons for my car?  What size rotors?
A.  Because of the unique nature of the RACE system, sizes are determined by the front/rear balance built into the factory master cylinder, front/rear weight bias of the car as well as OE line pressures, amount of vacuum assist and brake pedal travel, to name a few.  Most RACE calipers are 4-pot while most GTS calipers are 6-pot.

Q.  I want to use 18" wheels.  How can I use RACE brakes if some of the kits come with 380mm (15") diameter rotors?
A.  RACE kits with 380mm rotors can fit under many 18" wheel profiles.  Be sure, contact us for the profile for your vehicle.

Q.  What about installation?
A.  Rogue Engineering has been a Brembo dealer for many years, so we are kept up to date with the newest and latest that Brembo has to offer.  Installation is available from us, since we specialize in meticulous mechanical services.  Since we are very familiar with the installation of these kits, we have also amassed the specialized tools to ensure a perfect install.

Q.  I would like to make my own brake kit, using Brembo RACE calipers.  Can you just sell me the calipers?
A.  No, they are not commercially available on the consumer market individually.

Q.  I have a custom <insert car model here>, with a sweet flame paint job, and will be in <insert number> of magazines.  Can you sponsor me with Brembo RACE brakes?
A.  No.

Exclusivity for the Few
The Brembo RACE/GTS kit is not for everybody.  It takes a special enthusiast to understands the small differences that give you just that bit of extra performance advantage.  If you're replacing your OEM brake system with a kit that requires

To configure a custom Brembo RACE kit for your vehicle, please contact us by email to begin the initial consultation.  Please have the following information available:

  • Year, make, model of vehicle
  • Size and make of wheels being used on the vehicle (IMPORTANT!)

For those who feel that they could use the benefit of a performance braking system, but do not feel they need the exclusivity of the Brembo RACE package, we also retail the Brembo GT and GTR performance brake kits. 

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