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CSF F87 M2 Oil Cooler

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Keep your engine safe while you're trying to set a new personal best. CSF has designed this race-spec oil cooler to be a drop-in fit replacement for your standard M2 oil cooler. It has 17 cooling tubes, plus an additional 6 on the backside in-series cooler. It has been track tested and shown to lower oil temps by up to 40°F, keeping the car going strong and staying out of limp mode.

Keeping your oil cool is not only good for your performance, it's good for the longevity of your engine. Hotter oil will lose some of its lubrication abilities leaving your engine vulnerable to all sorts of internal issues. You want you car to be the best so give it the best protection!


Features include:

  • Uses 2 cooling cores in-series for additional cooling surface area
  • 17-row front core and 6-row rear core give 8 extra cooling rows over the stock cooler on top of the benefit of in-series cooling
  • World's first plug-and-play performance oil cooler for the F87 M2
  • Utilization of all OEM connections and mounting brackets make this oil cooler a breeze to install
  • Note!  Requires additional .5 quarts of oil added to engine upon installation

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