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RESONATED versions
RESONATED versions

E9X M3 RACING/Track Bypass Pipes

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On the E9X M3s that race on track, the S65 V8 engines are choked with not two but FOUR catalytic converters. The primary catalysts (monitored by the pre and post O2 sensors) are 400 cell units close to the end of the header junction. These incredibly restrictive catalysts rob BIG power on E9X M3s at the track to the tune of 20-30 rear wheel HP!  Over the course of long races, this can mean significant improvements!

By eliminating these primary cats (like the OEM factory E9X M3 GT4 racecar), your track-going M3 can have the power it deserves!

These track bypass pipes are a simple installation, requiring NO welding.  

Available in resonated and non-resonated versions. The resonated versions (a Rogue Engineering exclusive), prevents exhaust "droning" without compromising performance.

The non-resonated version is for those looking for the most volume (including potential drone) from their exhaust system.  Customers racing in long races (like endurance racing) notice a benefit from the reduced noise at the track.  This is especially helpful since many races are many hours and hundreds of miles long!

Racing/Track Pipe Features:

  • Full stainless steel, with mandrel bends
  • TIG welded O2 sensor ports
  • CNC Stainless Flanges
  • Available in resonated or non-resonated versions.
  • Retains all factory OEM gaskets and O2 sensors locations
  • Simple installation
  • Includes stainless steel exhaust coupler clamps, requires NO welding
  • Easy to uninstall and revert back to stock!

This product fits the following vehicles:

  • 2008-2013 BMW E9X M3 (Coupe, Sedan)
USAGE WARNING: Please note that certain aftermarket exhaust systems may not comply with applicable US (including California) laws and regulations, and may therefore be prohibited for use on highways or roads, or on roads or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. California prohibits the use of any aftermarket exhaust system that modifies, removes or replaces original equipment catalysts, unless CARB has issued an Executive Order as to such part or system. It is YOUR responsibility to check with the local laws of your governing local to determine the legality of using this kind of product on public roads, as this is designed for track use and not public roads.

Rogue Engineering parts or exhaust systems/components used or intended for use on “racing vehicles” (i.e. a competition vehicle used exclusively for competition on closed-course circuits) do not require an exemption or Executive Order from CARB to be sold in California. However, such parts are prohibited from use on California public highways or roads, even if occasionally used “off-road.”?

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