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ECIS Cold Air Intake

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Although no longer available, this page exists for historical reasons.

Real Power
ECIS intakes unleash the power in late model BMWs by using fully insulated shielding and cotton/gauze filters.  Gains have show up to 10rwhp/13 ft. lbs. tq. with the intake alone and more than 20rwhp/17 ft. lbs. tq. with the 95 M3 Euro HFM kit!  These are real, repeatable gains you can feel.  Additionally, throttle response is improved as well as an authoritative sound to match.  

As an example, the E46 M3 version makes 11-13rwhp MORE than most commonly available brands on the market.  Sadly, because of increasing manufacturing and material costs, producing this intake was no longer feasible.

Whereas many intakes may show similar power gains, the uniqueness to others is their ability to source cold air within the engine compartment.  Whereas less expensive intakes cram the filter into the bumper, this become a dangerous issue when driving in wet conditions.  One good splash through standing water (larger puddle) may turn the bumper mounted filter into a cold water vacuum, potentially sucking water into the engine.  By mounting the intake filter into the engine compartment, this greatly decreases the chance of water ingestion.

Quality Construction
ECIS proudly produces all of its intakes in the US, from US materials and labor.  All heat shields use high quality materials and are insulated for additional heat deflection.  The intake filter is made in the US as well, from US sourced materials to ECIS specifications.  Intake tubes are mandrel bent and powder coated for a long lasting, durable finish.  Silicone connections are also hand made in the US.

All E46 intake heat shields are now constructed of high grade fiberglass.  Unique features of the E46 M3 kit include the use of the factory HFM screen (no other intake company utilizes the factory screen in the intake).

The cotton/gauze filter use on the ECIS intake is a cleanable filter.  With an available revitalization kit, you can clean and re-oil the filter as often as necessary.  These cleanable filters also offer more than 99% filtration.  

CARB Certification
In addition to the increase in performance and throttle response, ECIS intakes are also CARB Certified for it's line of BMW air intake products*. California residents can now install and run an ECIS intake without fear of failing the visual or exhaust tests when you take your BMW in for annual emissions testing.  For more information about this certification, visit the California Air Resource Board.
* 1995 E36 M3 Euro HFM system is excluded

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