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Exclusive Services

Rogue Engineering is more than a portal on the web.  We're a real, brick-and-mortar facility where we conduct our operations.  In our Upper Saddle River, NJ location we develop, engineering, test, package, assemble and ship most all of the products you see on this website.  Because of our facilities and resources, we can offer some unique services.

Most of our customers appreciate out detail to attention.  Vehicles that that enter our facility are not "rushed in" to be "rushed out".  We pride our work to be meticulous and careful.  What makes us different is that we are very particular in the work we take in and how it is done.  That is because we appreciate the thinking of an enthusiast.  Enthusiasts modify and take care of their cars more than just transportation and therefore expect work to be done on their cars differently. Dealerships, however, are designed to get the absolute most number of customers in, do the most work on the car, in the shortest amount of time.  This often leads to mistakes, sometime vehicle damage and in general, an overall poor experience.

Some of our unique services include:

  • Engineering solutions (private label custom applications) using Solidworks
  • Project vehicle consultation (from street to race and everything in between)
  • Private Label Product R&D (within or outside of the automotive aftermarket)
  • Prototype fabrication

Rogue Engineering normally operates between the hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday thru Friday.  If you plan on stopping by, please call us in advance at 201-783-8600.


One racecar getting built, while another gets ready for the season.

An E30 M3 and E82 1-Series M share space next to each other.

Atlantis Blue E92 M3 and Laguna Seca Blue E46 M3 in the shop.

It's rare you see MZ4s on the road.  How about two in the shop at the same time?