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Rogue Engineering - GTR Wheel (each)

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We are proud to introduce Rogue Engineering's GTR wheel! Months of development, Solidworks modeling, FEM/FEA analysis, and tooling, we have finally made it to reality!

E46 M3 Imola Red, GTR 18x9.5 ET35 in Motorsport Silver (Stoptech ST40, 355mm, no spacers required)

E46 M3 Jet Black, GTR 18x10 ET25 in Gunmetal (Porsche Cayman BBK, no spacers required)

E46 M3 Steel Grey, GTR 18x9.5 ET35 in Motorsport Silver (Brembo BBK, no spacers required)

E46 M3 Steelgtey, GTR 18x10 ET25 in Gunmetal (Brembo BBK, no spacers required)

E46 M3 Carbon Black, GTR 18x9.5 ET355 in Motorsport Silver

Element of Design
Inspired by retro motorsport designs, Rogue Engineering wanted to produce a wheel for today's marketplace that needed quality, performance wheels at reasonable prices. Knowing full well that a fully forged wheel was out of the budget of most, we worked with a manufacturer that would be able to help us produce a wheel with performance using flow formed manufacturing techniques.

Authentic BBS RE594 magnesium wheel (front) as used on the BMW E46 M3 IMSA GT car

The inspiration behind the Rogue Engineering GTR wheel

Starting Off: Computer Mumbo Jumbo
We knew we had to start beyond the typical napkin tracing, so we started with our own in-house Solidworks 3D renderings. From here, we could tweak, redraw, compare, analyse, 3D print and even virtually "test" our design.

Solidworks 3D rendering

FEM analysis of the design

3D printing the drawing allows us to put our hands on it...

Flow Forming: Forging without the high costs
The GTR wheel uses a technique called flow forming to manufacture the barrel of the wheel. By applying high pressure to the inside of the barrel, it forms the aluminum into its final shape. This forms the aluminum grain to a much stronger alignment and tighter grain structure. This "squeezing" process makes a thinner, stronger wall than a fully cast wheel but also a stronger wheel as well.

GTR flowing production

GTR production testing

Weight or Wait?
Wait a minute...what about weight?

One of the many reasons we decided to embark on this wheel journey is that we wanted to produce and offer a STRONG wheel. There are many options out in the marketplace but often times, focusing on static weight (the weight of the rim itself) is not as beneficial as one may think. Factory OEM wheels are commonly boat anchors, but for good reason. They need to be strong enough to support a 3000-5000 pound vehicle while trying to prevent failure from potholes and other hazards in the road.

We wanted to make a wheel strong enough to take track curbing, but also able to handle road abuse. Initial 3D renderings show that we could reduce weight by approximately 10%, but at the risk of strength and wheel stiffness. We opted for increased strength and stiffness over a small weight difference. We anticipate our customers would appreciate this benefit as well.

Detailed Specifications
  • 18x8.5 weight, 20 lbs.
  • 18x9.5 weight, 20.25 lbs.
  • 18x10 weight, 20.9 lbs.
Benefits of the Rogue Engineering GTR wheel
  • Flow formed construction means strength without excessive weight
  • Spokes extend to outside of rim to reinforce strength against bending (potholes, racetrack curbing, etc.)
  • Engineered for brake caliper clearance for BBKs (at least 355mm rotors) without the use of spacers (1.75" of clearance on Stoptech ST40s, 355mm rotor) with 18x9.5 ET35 GTR rim)
  • Knurled bead on the inside of the barrel minimizes tire slippage on track cars and cars with high horsepower.
  • FEA/FEM optimized for strength and stiffness without sacrificing weight
  • Bolt hole bore large enough to accept 19mm socket, for those using wheel locks.
  • Engineered and tested to meet and exceed DOT/SAE, JWL/VIA standards (JWL certificate testing being done)
  • Chamfered rear hub face is compatible with Rogue Engineering 10mm and 12mm spacers
  • Centercaps included. Production rims will allow factory BMW centercaps (36-13-6-783-536) to fit.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) compatible (sensors not included)
  • Available in Motorsport Silver, Gunmetal, Satin Black, and raw finish (for those who want to have their own color done by their own resources)
  • Wheel fitment on your vehicle is the responsibility of the customer. Contact us if you have questions. Returns are limited only to quality issues.
Priced per wheel (each)

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