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Rogue Engineering Adjustable Clutch Slave Pin (Ver. 2)

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Part Number:RE.SPIN
This is THE product we wished we designed 20 years ago!

The Rogue Engineering Adjustable Clutch Slave Pin replaces the factory clutch slave pin with an adjustable one.  

Changes that the Version 2 include:
  • Smaller diameter hex on the head (from 13mm to 10mm) allows to fit more models
  • Jam nut no longer necessary so it allows for more adjustment

OE clutch slave, with original slave pin shown.

The OE pin simply pulls out and the Rogue Engineering version sticks right in.

The OE pin is roughly 89mm in length.  The Rogue Engineering can be adjusted from 78mm to 94mm in total length, allowing you to modify the clutch engagement point.  It is not recommended to adjust the length longer than 94mm.

It is recommended that once the ideal adjustment is found to use Loctite 242 (medium) to secure the position.  Note this item is NOT designed to fix issues with the clutch disc thickness or with the pressure plate, but rather a way to help diagnose the engagement issue without removing the entire transmission again.

CNC machined entirely of stainless steel.

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