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Rogue Engineering Adjustable Slave Pin
Rogue Engineering Adjustable Slave Pin

Rogue Engineering Adjustable Clutch Slave Pin

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Part Number:RE.SPIN

BMW OEM Slave shown with factory slave pin

While trying to troubleshoot wearing clutch discs and pressure plate issues, we often wondered why a slave cylinder was not adjustable. Sure, you could shim the slave back with washers, but how much would that really give you in adjustment? Once, we even TIG welded material onto the end of a slave to make it longer. Enough was enough.

Necessity is the mother of invention. From this necessity, we introduce the Rogue Engineering adjustable clutch slave pin.

Most pins on the end of a slave cylinder is approximately 90mm in overall length. We designed our slave pin to be adjustable from 85mm to 95mm with simple hand tools. While it could be used as a temporary solution in a troublesome situation, it is durable enough to be a permanent solution as well. This is a MUST for any DIYer or mechanic trying to diagnose clutch engagement issues!

We do not recommend adjustment beyond 95mm of total length, as it will not have sufficient engagement into the cap of the pin. Using this extended beyond the engineered length may cause failure of the pin, the slave cylinder or both.

Why do I need one?
A customer brought us a track car which had a strange issue. After a full track day, the clutch engagement point would change at the end of the day to the point they could not engage the clutch anymore. What could have saved him the tow truck trip home was just such a product. A $50 part (and some helpful track friends) could have saved him the expensive cost of towing home.

Made entirely from 303 Stainless Steel, it's robust construction will outlast the slave cylinder itself. Installation is easy as the factory pin pulls right out of the end and the replacement pin can be pushed into place.

Fits all BMW manual transmissions that have slave cylinders with pins of 90mm in length.


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