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Rogue Engineering Carbon Shift Knob

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Performance Driving; It's all about position.
In today's driving world, you will see many people reclining their seats so far back into "gangsta mode" that you can barely see them over the steering wheel. Typically, their seats are nearly flat, as if they were going to take a nap. There are articles published about the "correct seating posture". Of course, when you introduce high performance driving, the position will change again.

One of Rogue Engineering's teams whom we proudly sponsor is BimmerWorld Racing. In the picture above, you see their interior is all business...race business. Controls are all close at hand. Notice in this picture, from last year, that the shift knob placement is very close to the steering wheel. This is to for rapid transitions from steering wheel to shift knob and back as quickly as possible. Look into many other racecar interiors and you will see the same thing. When you're racing at 140mph, everything must be close at hand. The new Rogue Engineering Carbon Fiber RACE knob can help make this happen in your interior.

Trendy Ergonomics
We'll be the first to admit that most people think that shortened or lowered knobs make their cars feel "sporty". The truth is, by installing a shorter knob (such as the ZHP knob), it gives one the feeling of having shorter throws (also known as a poor man's shift kit). While the initial feeling may be nice, having a lowered or short shift knob may be compromising the ergonomics in the vehicle. Everyone has their own personal preference to seating and control position, so there really is no "wrong" position. There are "better" positions for certain kinds of driving.

For those with real short shift kits installed, the Rogue Engineering Carbon Fiber RACE knob allows for those shorter throws while also optimizing ideal shifter knob position for performance oriented driving. That's having your cake and eating it, too.

All shift knobs are the same right? WRONG!
When we set out to design our newest shift knob, we took many issues into consideration. Issues to consider such as shape, material, size, height and weight are all crucial in what we feel is important when designing a product with as much sensory importance.

Specifications regarding the Rogue Engineering Carbon Fiber RACE knob:

  • 2" diameter carbon fiber ball with high-gloss clear coat; Carbon fiber resists extreme hot and cold temperatures. Very light weight and extremely strong.
  • 6061-T6 aluminum, polished and clear anodized finished. Inner diameter specifically machined for BMW (and BMW compatible) shifter levers. RE logo laser engraved at base of shift knob.
  • Aerospace epoxy bonding (CF knob to aluminum base)
  • 4" overalll height (1" taller than stock BMW leather knob)
  • 92 grams total weight (similar to stock BMW leather knob)
  • Very simple installation. Requires only an allen key (included).

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