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Rogue Engineering Carbon Steering Wheel Panel

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You may have noticed that on high-level racecars such as Formula 1, there are a multitude of buttons. From displays, RPM lights, pit lane limiter, traction settings, radio, drinking pump, braking bias...there can be as many as 20 buttons! A few examples of the number of options on a modern racecar. Can you identify all of the buttons and their purposes?

As driver requirements during track driving become more specific and demanding, we have created the ability to deal with some of those needs with our very own, carbon fiber steering wheel plate. We have designed these plates to be strong, lightweight, as well as full of features!

  • Extremely lightweight. Just 55g for the plate itself!
  • 8 mounting holes; 2 holes on top, 0.5" ID, 6 holes on the bottom, 0.25" ID. This allows for users to customize holes to their requirements, making them larger if required. Holes can be enlarged using standard Dremel tools or carbide cutting tools.
  • Slotted mounting holes, allows for many different steering wheel bolt patterns such as Momo, Sparco, OMP and more.
  • At only 3mm thick, it is also extremely rigid.

Designed here in Upper Saddle River, NJ, these carbon fiber steering wheel plates are CNC'd from carbon fiber sheet manufactured in the US. Features of the carbon fiber sheet include:

  • Only durable, long lasting epoxy resins used in the manufacturing of the plate
  • Each part is CNC'd from a perfectly flat panel, no bumps, lumps or waves in it.
  • 100% carbon fiber; No buildup, fillers, gel coats or surface treatments to hide flaws.
  • The textured matte finish allows it to bond to other surfaces easily with 3M high-performance double-sided adhesive.

These are designed to fit behind the steering wheel, but in front of a quick release hub (recommended) or steering shaft hub adapter.

Because there are so many steering wheels (and different hardware used to secure the wheel), longer hardware to accommodate the additional 3mm of the plate is not included. Please be aware of this during installation.

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