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Rogue Engineering E36 Finned Differential Cover

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How to Extend the Life from your Differential

When Rogue Engineering began, we spent 12 months developing our own extra capacity, finned differential cover for the E36 chassis.  Hundereds of hours of 3D modeling and R&D, we continue to offer this product to enthusiasts around the world today.

The benefit of this expanded capacity cover is to extend the life of the LSD clutch packs.  These clutch packs will overheat when driven at the limit.  Our cover helps reduce the temperature in a number of ways:

  1. Increase fluid capacity from 1.5 quarts to 3 quarts.
  2. Extended "fins" catch airflow to cool the cover itself, as it heats up from the increase in fluid temperature.  

What happens when you use a stock differential at the track, even at a simple driver school?  With a single 30 minute track session, a driver with average ability can increase the temperatures in a stock differential, causing the fluid to start seeping out of the vent hole.  By doubling the capacity of the amount of differential fluid, as well as adding much needed cooling fins, the differential is allowed to function properly, within the factory specified temperature parameters.

The cooling fins stick below the actual differential, allowing for additional cooling.  For increased cooling surface area, the fins are connected at the bottom, similar to the factory E39 M5 and E46 M3 differential covers.  The extended area of the differential cover extends 2.25" lower the stock cover.

How Effective Is the Cover?
In a AER race, a team running an E36 logged data on their E36 during the 9 hour event.  They reported back to us they found a 35 degree F drop in differential fluid temperatures.  By reducing these temperatures, they are able to prevent their differential from a necessary rebuild from overheating.

The cover comes with either OE rubber bushings or Rogue Engineering Rear Differential Cover Bushings.  A port for a temperature sensor comes pre-tapped and includes a plug for those who choose not to run a temperature sensor.  Below is a list of helpful parts for choosing a the correct sending unit for your application:


Part Number


Max Temp


323 423

Sending Unit, M10 x 1



323 090

Sending Unit, M10 x 1




Metric Adapter, 1/8" NPT to M10 x 1


Rogue Engineering Differential Cover Features:

  • 100% produced in the US (casting, machining, heat treating, silicone bath)
  • Available with no bushings, OE Rubber bushings or optional Rogue Engineering Rear Differential Cover Bushings (at a discounted price)
  • Increases fluid capacity additional 1.5 quarts (total of 3 quarts)
  • Oil temp sending port tapped (plug supplied)
  • New zinc plated hardware and washers included.  Instructions and factory gasket included.
  • Reinforcement bridge connecting the cooling fins for increased strength (like the E46 M3, E39 M5, and E60 M5 factory covers)
  • Lowest point of the differential only 2.25 inches
  • Reinforce walls (compared to similar covers) for increased strength
  • Used by PTG on the E46 racecars

Optional fittings are available, at additional cost, for adding an feed and return lines to a remotely located cooler.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  The installation of bushings that are not OEM or our Urethane cover bushings (ie. Delrin, Aluminum, etc.) will void any warranty from Rogue Engineering!  Pressing in these bushings can crack the casting which is not covered by any warranty.

The Rogue Engineering Performance Differential Cover is proudly manufactured and machined in the USA.

Fits the following vehicles:

  • All E36 include M3 (not Z3 or 318ti)

For those fitting this differential on E30 style differentials (E30, Z3, 318ti), you MUST change the internal differential reluctor wheel for the speed sensor.  BMW used to make the item part number 33-13-1-210-755.  Now, you must modify the existing one.

The useage of this cover on the E36/7 is a conversion!  For E36/7 and E36/8 vehicles (Z3s), Sports Cars Plus, LLC produces a reinforcement kit that allows for the installation of an E36 twin ear cover.  Find them at Sports Cars Plus, LLC.

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