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E36 versions shown
E36 versions shown

Rogue Engineering E36/E46 Articulating Spring Perches (Pair)

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Rogue Engineering Articulating Rear Spring Perches offer unique features for the discriminating enthusiast.  These CNC'd units offer unique advantages for the E36/E46 owner.

Made entirely in the US using zinc-plated steel (upper perch) and anodized 7075-T7 aluminum, these are a must for those who corner balance their car or change their ride heights frequently (and would like to do it easily).  The coarse threads of the main shaft allow for FAST height changes with each turn as well as prevents debris from fouling up the threads. 

How does this work?

Most adjustable rear spring perches do one thing; control spring height.  However, there can be a few issues with seemingly simple task.

Problem Adjusting and readjusting rear spring ride height can be a hassle.
Solution Instead of constantly raising/lowering the car, removing the wheels, adjusting traditional spring perches, there is now an EASY way of adjusting the height on the Rogue Engineering Articulating Rear Spring Adjuster.  With a 14mm socket and ratchet, you can now adjust the height WITH the wheels on, while the car is on the ground (perfect for corner balancing).

Problem The rear spring can see arced bending moments, making for inaccurate spring rates.
Solution By using a spherical bearing to keep the spring verticle, the upper perch can follow the underside of the spring accurately through the full range of motion of the rear suspension.

These are compatible with 2.25" ID springs or 60mm ID springs.  Sold as a pair.

Upper spring perches (for coilover springs) are sold separately.

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