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Rogue Engineering E36/E46 Rear Outer Control Arm Bushing (Pair)

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The Rogue Engineering Rear Lower Control Arm Bearings replace the factory 33-32-6-775-551 bushings with serviceable, precision, spherical bearings. The climate in the Northeast where we are can be rough on suspension components, so we design these with longevity in mind. Constructed with CNC'd 303 stainless steel housing and spacers, these are built to last.

Removing that wobbling bushing
On the rear of the E36 and E46 platform, a commonly neglected bushing is the outer control arm bushings (highlighted in blue in the above diagram). By replacing them with the Rogue Engineering versions, you reduce suspension deflection and unwanted flex. The precision spherical bearing is designed to be easily removed and serviced if ever a replacement bearing is required, so maintenance is even simpler with these installed.

Rogue Engineering Rear Outer Control Arm Bearing

  • Housing and spacers are CNC'd from 303 stainless steel to prevent corrosion
  • Spherical bearing is easy to service
  • Legal for all BMW CCA Prepare or Mod race classes, SCCA IT classes, and all NASA GTS classes.
  • Replaces factory bushing P/N 33-32-6-775-551
Future Serviceability
While there is no such things as a "forever bushing", serviceability of the Rogue Engineering component is much easier than the factory unit.  Because of the precision CNC'd construction of the Rogue Engineering component, removal and installation of the spherical bearing is much easier that the factory version.  Replacing the spherical bearing requires the removal of the circlip, tapping out and replacing the bearing, and reinstalling the circlip.  A bearing replacement should take no more than 10 minutes with a qualified mechanic.

This product fits the following vehicles:
  • All E36 including M3, except ti
  • All E46 including M3
  • All E85 including MZ4
  • All E89

Note that some vehicles (such as E36 M3 and E46 M3) utilize factory P/N 33-32-6-775-551 on the upper and lower outer control arm bushings. For these applications two pairs (4 bushings) can be used. Check your application to confirm that your application is compatible.

As an added upgrade, be sure to consider our replacement Adjustable Rear Control Arms for the ultimate in strength and suspension performance.

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