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Version 2.0
Version 2.0

Rogue Engineering E36/E46/E92 Rear Muffler Hanger v.2 (sold each)

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Version 2.0 now shipping!  Same bulletproof mount, but now thinner profile!

Brand new for 2021 is the Rogue Engineering Rear Muffler Hanger!  No more flimsy, sagging, broken hangers!  Designed to replace the factory OEM hanger (18-20-1-401-797), this all aluminum hanger is not only destined to last, but also rebuildable and adjustable!

For all E36/E46/E92/Z4 owners, broken rear muffler mounts are a common issue.  Unfortunately, there is little that can be done other than replace them and have them break again.  A common site is rear mufflers sagging in the back, often times barely secured to the vehicle.

The Rogue Engineering Rear Muffler Hanger assembly (shown with optional adjustment spacer)
A Better Mousetrap
A few issues with a factory rear muffler hanger exist.  So why not make a list and address them all in one design?

    1. OEM/OE all rubber design constantly fails.  We eliminate a lot of the rubber construction with our aluminum design, but allow for rubber inserts to handle some of the NVH.  The way the inserts are secured into the housing prevent it from ever failing completely.  If they wear out, the most that will happen is some unwanted muffler movement, indicating it's time to replace the inserts.  The stainless caps are designed to be reused. 
    2. Rebuildable by design, saves money in the long run.  OEM factory mounts are around $54 each.  There are aftermarket versions for less money, but they all share the same flawed design.  Once they break, they are ready for the trash bin.  This also means work to replace them.  The bushings can be replaced by removing just the bushing inserts themselves.  Extra bushings sold separately.
    3. The original design is actually offset, requiring the orientation to be exact.  The hole in the factory mount is actually 10mm off center from the mount, making this an important spec.  We designed our mount to symmetrical so that it cannot be installed incorrectly.  The slots in the top of the bracket allow it to fit correctly to the chassis, regardless.  Idiot proof is our goal.
    4. Our assembly allows for optional spacers to be installed, to fine-tune the position of the muffler hanger.  Without the spacer itself, it sits exactly in the factory position.  Add a single spacer and you can lower the mounting hole by 5mm.  Adding two spacers lowers it by 10mm.  Spacers and required hardware sold separately.
    5. The factory setup is actually MORE expensive!  Look at the parts involved in a single hanger.  The rubber portion of the hanger retails for $56.64 (at the time of this listing) and the muffler support bracket retails for $70.23.  At $126.88 per hanger, it actually costs MORE than our solution!  Besides the rubber portion always breaking, the support bracket (normally reusable) is prone to rusting and requires replacement.


Features and benefits of the Rogue Engineering Rear Muffler Hanger;
    • All aluminum CNC construction (plate and body) means no reinforcement required to maintain mount rigidity without the need for reinforcements.
    • Class 8.8 hardware secures assembly together
    • 6061-T6 aluminum bushing inserts prevent over-tightening bolt through the bushings
    • Includes new bolt/nyloc nut for attaching to exhaust hanger.
    • Can be rebuilt with new rubber bushings (sold separately).  Bushing mount design CANNOT fail!
    • Adjustable in height allows for rear exhaust height find tuning (5mm shims with hardware sold separately)
    • Symmetrical design means you cannot install incorrectly! 
    • Less expensive than the factory OEM parts!
This item is sold individually (each).

This item fits the following vehicles;
  • 1992-99 E36
  • 1999-06 E46
  • 2007-11 E90
  • 2006-13 E92/E93
  • 1997-2003 E39
  • 2004-08 E85 Z4
  • 2005-08 E86 Z4

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