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Rogue Engineering E39 M5 Diablo

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Few sounds can summon goose bumps quite like the S62 V8 found in the E39 M5 with a well designed exhaust system. We proudly introduce the Rogue Engineering E39 M5 Diablo.

Although production stopped in 2003, we realized that even today, the E39 M5 represented a large, enthusiastic group. Most other companies may have written off older BMW models such as this, but we continue to embrace (and own) these vehicles. Therefore, it made sense to apply our knowledge and experience into a product we could call our own.

A cursory glance easily shows how this exhaust excels in both performance and saving weight. However, a closer look will show the pure artistry of its construction and elements of unique design.

The heavy factory resonator (21 lbs. by itself) primary job is to muffle sound and eliminate exhaust "drone". It does such a great job, much of the exhaust sound is killed by this resonator by itself. The factory mufflers do a fantastic job of completely muffling sound in the E39 M5. So well that the only way you can really hear the vehicle is to completely roll down all the windows to really hear the V8 exhaust sound. Between the factory resonator and the two rear mufflers, these components weigh a staggering 98 lbs.

In a desperate attempt to get sound, some have tried extreme things such as completely cutting the rear mufflers off and running straight pipes. While easy to do and inexpensive at the local Midas or Meineke muffler shop, people quickly discover that the raw, brute sound of the V8 is intoxicating, just like a muscle-car. The grins produced by this kind of exhaust modification quickly turn to frowns when you try to listen to music, try to answer a business call in the car, or simply when trying to speak to someone in the vehicle.

Some may try a more elegant method of DIY modification and purchase aftermarket muffler/tip combos and have the same local Midas/Meineke shop install them in place of the factory mufflers. While a better alternative to straight pipes, most shops will typically MIG weld, without stainless steel. After a few months, few hundred dollars spend on generic mufflers and mild steel MIG welding do not quite look like they belong on a vehicle that used to have a sticker price of $72,000.

One sound does not fit all
The Rogue Engineering E39 M5 Diablo is more than just great sounding exhaust. By studying the factory exhaust system, it just made sense to develop the exhaust the way we did.

After studying the benefits of a muffler-only replacement, we worked on the sound. We wanted a deep, rich sound, without too much volume. Like all of our exhaust products, sound is controlled with internal muffler tuning done the old fashioned way, tweaking the dimensions of the muffler, as well as the internal perforated tubing (perforation size, spacing, and tubing length). The result is a rich, deep tone, that does NOT intrude into the cabin.

E39 M5 Diablo Features
The RE E39 M5 Diablo is made to fit exactly like factory. Features include:

  • New, lighter muffler body reduces weight to only 19.4 lbs. per side.
  • 100% T-304 stainless steel construction and internals, a majority of the exhaust made from 16 gauge stainless steel.
  • Exclusive, oversize 3" OD inlet tubing (stock and most other aftermarket companies have 2.5" OD) for maximum exhaust flow.
  • Fully mandrel bent tubing, no crimps or flattened areas.
  • Mil-finished pipes and muffler, mirror polished, Rogue Engineering Club Sport double walled, stainless steel quad 80mm, staggered tips. Completely fills in factory valence without modifications.
  • Full TIG welded construction, no lock seams or pinch welds.
  • Factory-like hangers for OEM fit
  • Rogue Engineering logo tastefully stamped in the body of the muffler
  • Flow-through design does not create muffler "hot spots" found on chambered mufflers
  • Optimized tubing sizes and minimized bends maintain exhaust velocity without compromising necessary backpressure
  • Deep, throaty tone, without the drone.
  • Will not change ground clearance
  • Will not void factory warranty
  • Will not affect emissions

All Stainless Steel is the same, right? WRONG!
All Rogue Engineering Diablo exhausts are produced using only 100% full T-304 stainless steel because of its consistent strength characteristics, corrosion resistance, and wide range of materials (important for controlling sound and exhaust flow). Recently, we examined a well known exhaust brand only to discover the use of 20 gauge stainless steel (stainless is typically sold by weight) throughout the muffler body. While great for reducing weight, this is not a good practice when trying to build a product to last. This common practice of weight (and cost) savings occurs in European and US made exhausts. Rogue Engineering does not subscribe to this practice in their production exhausts! We want you to enjoy the exhausts for many years to come, even if it means sacrificing some weight savings (all Rogue Engineering exhausts are lighter than stock units).

Beware of some companies that pre-coat their exhaust products with "thermal coatings". In fact, they may be hiding inferior stainless steel or inferior welding processes. Rogue Engineering Diablo exhausts are always TIG welded and never coated.

Some companies have chosen to build their "stainless steel" exhausts with Grade 409 stainless, because it is less expensive than 304. While Grade 409 will resist atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion, a light surface rust will form is most all atmospheres.

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