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Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Coolant Vent Line

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7 Ft Coolant Hose

For SpecE46 racers that use E46 M3 radiators and relocated coolant overflow tanks, the 7 foot hose option now available in limited quantities.  Make sure you choose on the drop down.

Now you can eliminate MORE plastic parts from the engine compartment of your E46 M3! Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce our E46 M3 Coolant Vent line kit. Replace your flimsy factory OEM connecting line (BMW p/n 17-11-2-229-053) with our robust and failsafe kit! It would stink to have a track day end early because of a silly plastic part that had gone bad...

Features and Benefits

  • No more failing plastic coolant vent fittings. CNC'd 6061 ACQ aluminum is mated with a 45 degree brass elbow.
  • 200psi vent hose, crimped to Rogue Engineering E46 Coolant fitting
  • Includes worm gear clamp to secure to factory overflow tank and zip ties to secure to stock location on radiator support

Installation is quick and simple, and takes just a few minutes. No need to flush or drain the coolant system to replace this part.

These are a direct bolt in for the following vehicles:
  • 2001-06 BMW E46 M3
  • 2007-08 BMW MZ4
  • 1996-99 BMW E36 M3 (Euro 3.2L, NOT US).

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