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Shown with optional tap
Shown with optional tap

Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Differential Bushing (Front Position) FIX

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Part Number:RE.484.FIX

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Need M16 Tap?
For those with E46 M3 differentials that have STRIPPED the side mounting hole (caused from driving around with a loose bolt), one repair is to drill it out and re-tap the hole to M16 (from the original M14x1.5).

Rogue Engineering's bushing "Fix" is our RE.484 urethane subframe bushing, modified to accept the appropriate sized M16 x 2 bolt (included).

Installation of this requires removal of the differential anyhow, so the new subframe bushing can be installed.

Included in the kit:
  • Specially mdified RE.484 subframe bushing
  • M16 x 2 bolt, 65mm length
  • M16 tap (optional)
Required tools for differential modification not included:
  • M14 drill
Modifying the Bolt Hole
  1. Removal of the differential is required to modifying the bolt hole accurately.
  2. Once the differential is removed, use an end of a screwdriver to determine the depth of the hole.  Using a piece of tape, you can now mark the M14 drill (not included) to determine how deep you need to drill to clear the hole.
  3. Once the bolt hole is sufficiently drilled, you can start tapping the hole with the required M16 x 2mm tap (not included).  Marking the tap with tape will show you how deep to tap the hole.  Using tap fluid and cleaning out the hole during the process will help.
  4. Once the tapping is completed, clean out the hole (compressed air blower is awesome), and test the new bolt in the freshly cleaned, tapped hole.  Using the aluminum portion of the RE.484 bushing will give you the idea that sufficient depth had been reached.

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