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Rogue Engineering E46 M3 High Performance Intake

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Part Number:RE.E46M3.HPI
Produced in limited, small quantities.

When the owner of East Coast Induction Systems decided to retire and close the business, we were very say to hear this because we were big fans of the ECIS E46 M3 intake. We had a close relationship with them so much in fact they gave us the sources of their manufacturing vendors to continue to make it. Material increases and relationships forged from long term friendships did not allow for the pricing maintain it's former glory. So the intake sat on the shelf for many years.

With today's more modern manufacturing alternatives, we are proud to release the more modern reboot, the Rogue Engineering E46 M3 High Performance Intake!

Getting cool air IN (and under control!)
Getting air into the engine is key to getting more efficient power. We have done this in a few ways;
  1. Ram air grill scoops
  2. Intake filter with largest surface area available
  3. Using and retaining the OEM airbox MAF screen
  4. Using a silicone intake manifold boot
  5. Using a MAF printed in 3D with a carbon fiber infused polymer, resisting engine temperatures.
  6. Prevent heat soak by sealing off the intake area with a hand-made, carbon fiber heat shield, lined with DEI gold reflective heat foil, utilizing the hood as a “lid” when closed.  No fiberglass fillers!

Rogue HPI filter vs. Brand K

3D printed MAF housing using carbon fiber infused polymer

Some companies need to divert air away from the filter, because they do not use the OEM MAF screen, which can cause engine stalling at speed.

Real Numbers, No fluff
When we still had our dyno, we enjoyed watching customers with (and without) the ECIS intake.  Without additional tuning, we consistently saw 10-13rwhp OVER other intakes available on the market.  This includes the "big brands" out there.

Tune or not to tune?
Since the use of the intake does not change or require any new tuning, it is a simple bolt-on install which takes approximately 15 minutes with simple hand tools.  Whereas dyno tuning is recommended for the most performance, it is not required.

This product ONLY fits 2001-2006 E46 M3.  It does NOT fit any other S54 equipped vehicle including the MZ3 or MZ4. 

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