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Rogue Engineering E46 M3 Lifting Blocks (Pair)

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Lifting the entire side of the E46 M3 at the track with a floor jack can seriously damage the jack pad point

On the BMW E46 chassis, the plastic “jack pad” is a common weak point.  Issues associated with them include;
  • Factory jackpad often gets damaged, destroyed or just falls off and gets lost.
  • Attachment point for the chassis gets ‘pushed in’, requiring additional support like a hockey puck when using a floor jack.  With additional spacers, the side skirt can get damaged from the lift post arm/floor jack.
For E46 M3 owners, we have come up with a simple, durable, solution for the rear of the car.  Our specially designed lifting blocks between a stronger, alternative chassis point and the factory V-brace attachment.  Instead of a plastic pad, these blocks are CNC’d from 6061 aluminum and anodized for durability.  Instead of being installed in the weak, vulnerable spot on the chassis that is easily damaged, we now take advantage of a point on the lower part of the body that has a boxed support.

The lifting blocks extend down 1” from the body, equally the previous position of the OEM jack pad.

Installation is possible while the car is on the ground using a simple 16mm socket and ratchet.

Sold only as a pair.  Available in anodized black (for an OEM look) or anodized red (for easier visibility)

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