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OEM ICV hose connectors will crack over time...
OEM ICV hose connectors will crack over time...

Rogue Engineering E46 M3/Z3M/Z4M S54 ICV Hose Connectors

Your Price: $64.00
Part Number:RE.ICV
As the E46 M3 gets older, we see more and more parts requiring replacement.

Such parts include the Idle Control Valve hose connectors.  The factory ones are made from rubber and will crack and split over time.  When they do crack, it will throw a CEL that will indicate a EVAP leak, only to realize that its these tiny hose connectors that require replacement.

These two OEM parts are 13-41-7-837-653 (MSRP $58.30) and 13-41-7-837-655 (MSRP $68.89).  $127.19 for the pair?  Yeah, insane.  

The Rogue Engineering ICV hose connectors are made from a 3-layer silicone layup designed to withstand the engine temperatures, unlike the rubber parts they replace.

They are sold as a set and include four stainless hose clamps.

Fits all S54 equipped vehicles;
  • 2001-06 E46 M3
  • 2001-02 Z3M
  • 2006-08 Z4M

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