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Rogue Engineering E46 RACP Brace

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Fortify your rear shock towers, increase rigidity, while supporting your rear subframe with the Rogue Engineering RACP brace for the E46!

Strain and stress loads of an E46 rear

One of the major issues of the E46 that requires address of the "Big 3" is the rear subframe reinforcement.  The floor will wind up cracking from the movement of the rear subframe carrier (which holds the rear control arms and differential) which can cause significant structural damage.  The FIRST thing that must be done is the repair and reinforcement of the subframe floor. 

The rear system of the E46 can be improved by stabilizing the rear shock towers (with a product like our rear strut brace) but now, your car can have both the stability of the rear shock towers while also reinforcing the rear subframe!

The above picture shows the various stress (and strain) on the rear of an E46 (and similar BMW models built like it).  Here are some descriptions of what you are looking at;
  • The red line represents the top of the rear shock towers, as they flex during hard cornering.  A standard rear strut brace could aid in the prevention of this strain.
  • The blue lines represent the movement of the RACP subframe floor, during driving such as acceleration, braking and turning.  It can flex independently of the shock towers during the driving.
  • The green line represent the combination of the subframe floor movement and twisting with braking/acceleration.
The Rogue Engineering RACP brace prevents all of these stress and strains together!  

What about the installation?
Installation can be performed by the shop already doing your subframe repair and reinforcement with some additional labor.  However, if this has already been done, the installation can be done in a few hours as a DIY project.  Installation can take approximately 3-5 hours, depending on the tools and resources available.  A few key things to note;
  • Access to the underside of the car is required.  Removal of the exhaust is also required.
  • Removal of the subframe carrier (and differential) is NOT required.
  • Simple toos such as cordless drill, 1-7/8" hole saw, assorted sockets and allen keys
  • Someone to assist with the installation would be helpful
Easy removal if necessary
Once installed, removal or re-installation of the reinforcement bar is very easy and straight forward and can be done from the inside of the trunk within minutes.  Unlike some designs in the market, since the brace and strut tower brackets are separate, it is easy to disconnect.  Removing/reinstalling the x-brace should take no more than 10 minutes with simple hand tools.
  1. Two nuts holding down the bottom of the reinforcement brace need to be loosened and removed using a deep socket and a magnetic grabber tool.
  2. The four bolts/nuts attaching the reinforcement brace to the strut tower brackets can be loosened and removed.  
Once the hardware is removed, the reinforcement brace can tilt backwards and lifted out of the trunk area.

Parts Included
  • RACP center brace
  • Left and right shock tower brackets
  • Drill guide and extra long drill bit
  • All hardware for installation
Fits E46 coupe and sedan.  We have not attempted to install it on an convertible.

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