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Rogue Engineering EGR/SAP Blockoff Plate

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The Rogue Engineering EGR Blockoff Plate (Exhaust Air Valve) blocks off the port on for the secondary air pump.  

CNC'd from 6061 Aluminum, this is intended for track use only. It does require ECU software to be modified to remove the "air pump" faults when used with a stock ECU.

Fits the following vehicles:

BMWE31850CiM73 5.4L
BMWE34530iM60 3.0L
BMWE36AllM44 1.9L
BMWE36AllM52 2.5L
BMWE36AllM52 2.8L
BMWE36AllS52 3.2L
BMWE38740iM62 4.4L
BMWE38740iLM62 4.4L
BMWE38750iLM73 5.4L
BMWE39525iM54 2.5L
BMWE39528iM52 2.8L
BMWE39530iM54 3.0L
BMWE39540iM62 4.4L
BMWE39M5S62 5.0L
BMWE46AllM52 2.5L
BMWE46AllM52 2.8L
BMWE46AllM54 2.5L
BMWE46AllM54 3.0L
BMWE46M3S54 3.2L
BMWE52Z8S62 5.0L
BMWE53X5M54 3.0L
BMWE53X5M62 4.4L
BMWE53X5M62 4.6L
BMWF02760LiN74 6.0L
BMWZ31.9M44 1.9L
BMWZ32.3M52 2.5L
BMWZ32.5iM54 2.5L
BMWZ32.8M52 2.8L
BMWZ33.0iM54 3.0L
BMWZ3M CoupeS52 3.2L
BMWZ3M CoupeS54 3.2L
BMWZ3M RoadsterS52 3.2L
BMWZ3M RoadsterS54 3.2L
BMWZ42.5iM54 2.5L
BMWZ43.0iM54 3.0L
BMWZ4M CoupeS54 3.2L
BMWZ4M RoadsterS54 3.2L

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