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Rogue Engineering Exhaust Stud Repair Nut (each)

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Part Number:RE.ESRN
When BMWs get older (like E36 and E46), it is normal for some parts to get rusty.  One part that we have seen not do well over time, is the exhaust hanger studs.

When removing the rear hanger and the stud snaps off, there is little that can be done.  You can tear apart your trunk to try to get to the welded stud to the chassis.  That's why we created the repair stud nut.

CNC'd from 303 stainless steel, it will reach up and grab the little bit of stud left behind so your exhaust hanger can still be used confidently!  All you need is a 3/8" drill bit to open up the hanger itself and the specially designed nut will fit.

Sold each.

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