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Rogue Engineering Front Tension Arm Bushing (E9X, E60, E39, E82, F8X)

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Get in Control!
Are you looking for more control over the front end of your BMW?  We've got the solution for you!  

While the stock front thrust arm bushings are designed to offer a compliant ride while trying to control the front, it cannot overcome age, added power, or increase use (like at the track).  This front bushing takes a large share of the suspension load under braking and hard cornering.  Our solution is designed to to outlast and outperform the factory bushing in many ways.

Rogue Engineering's Front Thrust Arm Bushings (FTABs) is an elegant, engineered solution to this issue.  

Rogue Engineering's FTABs are designed allow the thrust arm to move without this spring load, but instead, allowing movement though its range without this specific resistance.  By allowing the center bolt sleeve to pivot instead of our custom urethane-silicone bushings smoothly, there is no unnecessary wear and tear.

Our exclusive, made in USA, urethane bushing has all the same properties as the other bushings Rogue Engineering produces.  A special silicone formula is injected into each and every bushing mold during the casting process to ensure a lubricious film impregnated at all times (even without grease!).

No Need to Stress Out
One example of the shortcomings of the factory bushing is the ones in the E39 M5/540 (BMW p/n 31-12-0-006-482).  
As you drive the car, the factory thrust arm bushings have continual torsional loads being exerted onto the bushings while driving.  This continuous twisting load on the on the inside of the bushing is the beginning of the end for the factory bushing.  Some people have tried to used factory X5 bushings with little success.

Common position of the BMW thrust arm bushing

Another Urethane Bushing?
Some will try to compare the Rogue Engineering Thrust Arm Bushings to a currently available urethane replacements.  There is a big difference!  Instead of using urethane to control the entire area of deflection, we've engineered an aluminum housing to reduce the ID of the hole of the thrust arm bushing.  By doing this, we can fine tune the urethane compound so that we can get performance without unwanted NVH.  In order to get our level of deflection control, other companies would have to make their entire bushing so incredibly hard that their product would either vibrate, squeak or both!

Less unwanted bushing deflection means more control!  Take control of your BMW!  These bushings are available in our STREET compound (black) or TRACK compound (blue).

Installation Notes:  Installation of the Rogue Engineering FTABs may require an alignment for non-M vehicles because of offset of the stock bushings. 

While there is no particular wrong direction to install these bushings, we find that using a little grease on the outside of the bushing and pressing the bushing in starting with the factory chamfer (shown by the red arrow) can make the installation easier.

This product fits the following vehicles:

  • F8X 2-series/3-series/4-series, M2, M3 an M4 Coupe, Convertible
  • E9X 3-series, 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, 335i, M3 including coupe, convertible, sedan (not for Xi)
  • E60 5-Series 535i, 545i, 550i, M5 (not for Xi)
  • E39 5-Series 540i, M5
  • E82 1-series, 128i, 135i, 1 M Coupe
  • E89 Z4, 28i, 30i, 35i, 35is
Note:  If ordering these with the OE new arm option, please allow for up to 2 business days to process your order.

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