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Rogue Engineering Intake Filter for AFE Magnum FORCE Stage-2 Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System

Your Price: $65.00
Part Number:INT-AFE
This replacement filter has been custom made for Rogue Engineering to fit the AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 Pro 5R Cold Air Intake System.  This replaces the AFE 24-45505 filter.

This filter has very specific differences from the AFE filter that it replaces:
  1. Instead of a closed end, it has a a high flow filtered top, allowing for more air to enter and increasing the overall surface area of the filter.
  2. With the high flow filtered end, it also has a venturi spike to allow for directed, smoother airflow.
These custom made filters are oiled robotically to ensure the precise amount of oil is applied to the filter.  Too much oil, and it can enter the intake system and damage the MAF.  Not enough oil and it will not catch the particulates that it was designed to keep out of the intake stream.

Whereas these filters are technically "serviceable", we do not feel that the available cleaning kits will do a sufficient job of cleaning and re-oiling to produce like-new results.  We recommend a regular replacement of the filter itself as $65 is a small price to pay to keep an engine clean.

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