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Rogue Engineering MEGALIGHT Wheel Spacer

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STOP! Before you call us crazy, let us beat you to the punch. We already know we're nuts. What you see here is clear proof of this.

At first, you will ask, "Why in the world would ANYONE produce such an expensive wheel spacer?" Actually, this was the last thing on our mind, when we started the thinking process of the Rogue Engineering MEGALIGHT wheel spacer. This is how it all started...

While we have been successful in producing, marketing and selling our current Rogue Engineering Wheel Spacers, there are countless others that have claimed that they have wheel spacers are lightweight, ultra-light (with no weights published) or even the ultimate. With all of these unsubstantiated claims, we started playing around on the computer to see if we could design something that truly represented "out of the box" thinking.

By starting with our proven design, we kicked around some initial ideas to save weight (while maintaining the functionality of a 15mm spacer). After a few renderings, we settled upon a conceptual design.  A 3D computerized model showed us that in 6061-T6 aluminum, it would be approximately 210g. That is approximately 1/2 the weight of a well-known German brand spacer. Computer models are great for development, but we really wanted to see it become a reality. We exported the 3D files, emailed them to the machine shop, which is where they start their CNC magic.

After some fancy machining, minor deburring, the first samples were ready.

Fresh off the CNC, onto the inspection table.

The initial samples were indeed 210g each, just as the computer had calculated.

While our current wheel spacers are anodized, we wanted to have a unique finish for this project. We needed something that would indicate that these were something very special. We decided on an electroless nickel plating, a finish usually reserved for coating applications where wear resistance, hardness and corrosion protection are a priority. This is typically a plating used in electronics printed circuit boards, hard disc drive, and optical surfaces for diamond turning. Not the cheapest finish, but high tech, and it looks great!

Even though these are MEGALIGHT, we've kept our features like notched back to easily remove spacers that have become stuck onto stubborn hubs.

After the design, machining and plating, we finally finished our "Project MEGALIGHT". Of course, when you design a "money no object" kind of product, it's expected that most people (if any) would NOT buy them. Maybe these would be good for a Bugatti Veryon owner, looking to get that Hella Flush look? If that's the case, back to the computer for more modeling for those guys!

We produced only a few sets of these 15mm MEGALIGHT spacers. They have 72.5mm hub bores in a 5x120 bolt pattern. Sold by the pair. Hardware not included.

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