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Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System

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Rogue Engineering is proud to partner with JB Racing to bring you the most inclusive and highest quality line of clutch systems available. In the past, we have used multiple flywheel manufacturers, constantly improving the design and quality. JB Racing Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels are designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards and precision our customers expect and offer unique and significant features not found in competitive brands.

There are significant benefits of an Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System (PCS) over a factory dual-mass flywheel setup are numerous. Some benefits include:

  • Lighter total weight, allowing engine to more rapidly transfer power
  • Longer lasting friction materials
  • Elimination of SAC (Self Adjusting Clutch) mechanism on factory pressure plate
  • More consistent, predictable clutch engagement
  • Ability to handle more power than factory setup.

To appreciate the some of these benefits of the Rogue Engineering PCS, we will cover the details of the components.

Flywheels are a BIG deal
The drivetrain is the key for marrying the power from the motor to the wheels. A key components in this transfer of power is the flywheel. Using an aluminum flywheel in place of the factory part (generally a heavier, dual-mass unit) can reap some benefits, but if improperly designed or manufactured, can produce detrimental results.

It is no secret that an aluminum flywheel can weigh as little as 1/3 of the weight of a factory dual mass unit. Because the flywheel resides on the end of the engine crankshaft, a unit that is too light can cause premature synchromesh wear, excessive low end clutch chatter, or worse, possible engine damage. Excessively lightweight flywheels also lack initial inertia, causing the car to stall when the RPMs drop near idle. These are some of the reasons why Rogue Engineering's PCS does not strive for the ultimate lowest weight when it comes to the flywheel. For example, our E36 M3 flywheel replacement still weighs over 10 lbs. (compared to the factory 24 lbs.).

Flywheel Construction Details and Features
Rogue Engineering has used multiple flywheel manufacturers in the past, constantly implementing improvements on their existing design. Finally, in collaboration with JB Racing, our flywheels now implement some unique features not found on other designs:

  • CNC machined to factory dimensions for a exact fit
  • STEEL flywheel cuts idle chatter tremendously of the aluminum version (optional cost)
  • Replaceable, hardened, heat-treated steel friction surface
  • Helicoil inserts for pressure plate bolts (prevents bolts from stripping)
  • Enlarged dowel hole, like factory flywheel (where applicable)
  • Flywheel gaul plate and replacement 10.9 flywheel bolts
  • Replacement pressure plate bolts
  • Completely zero balanced (just like the factory harmonic balancer)
  • Manufactured to exacting specifications, to accept our patented semi-metallic backed sprung hub disc
  • Stepped dowel pins means that they can never come out! (A common failure among factory E46 M3 flywheels) 
Whereas many manufacturers "claim" to balanced their flywheels, most all do not. Spinning a flywheel to 10,000 or even 14,000 rpm does not magically balance it. Stamping it "BALANCED" does not magically balance it, either. As an example, nobody would ever consider using a wheel/tire without dynamic balancing them together since it would cause the steering wheel to vibrate terribly at speed. Since the flywheel is the first item bolted to the end of the crankshaft, this makes is even more important that it is completely and thoroughly balanced. Ask any engine builder assembling a high performance engine if they would risk installing an unbalanced, rotating mass on the end of their newly assembled motor. We think the answers you will get will be pretty clear.

It is important to know that even 100% CNC products of this mass ALL require some level of balancing. Typically, this is necessary to compensate for variables such as assembly hardware, dowel holes, dowel pins, and friction surface variations. Regardless if it is only 1 gram out,all flywheels require balancing to eliminate potential annoying and sometimes destructive vibrations. Therefore all flywheels we sell are zero balanced as standard without any additional cost.

The Return of Old Reliable
All Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System eliminate the need for LUK-manufactured "SAC" pressure plates. These SAC (Self Adjusting Clutch) pressure plates tries to keep the clutch engagement point at the same place, compensating for clutch disc wear.  

In theory, the SAC pressure plate is a noble idea for those that do not have experience driving a manual transmission. The mechanism tries to maintain the same clutch pedal engagement height at all times while compensating for clutch disc wear. For those that have manual transmission experience, it causes frustration as it compromises true clutch engagement and feel. Another downside of the SAC system is that it does not allow for full clamping force especially when the disc starts to wear from stock thickness. The Rogue Engineering PCS eliminates the use of the SAC pressure plate and uses a more traditional style pressure plate allowing the clutch system that allows for 100% clutch engagement that can be modulated.

Plenty of Power
Regardless if your BMW is bone stock or highly modified, the Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System has been used on vehicles of varying levels. No worries about a flywheel that is too light, which may flex under power, causing uneven wear. It's as simple as choosing the appropriate power stage for your application. From our Stage 1 to Stage 3, we've got a solution for your BMW. In case you require even MORE, you can contact us for a custom solution.

A Match Made in Heaven
Starting with the highest quality available single-mass aluminum flywheel is only the beginning. Matching the appropriate disc and pressure plate is also an important aspect of the Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System. By choosing the desired power requirements, you are assured the appropriate disc and pressure plate while maintaining street drivability.

Not just for Naturally Aspirated BMWs
Turbocharged and supercharged vehicles can also benefit from an aluminum lightweight flywheel. Turbocharged engines that have to build boost due to turbo "lag" are now finding the ability to transfer power sooner with the decrease in rotational weight. Our E46 M3 F/I clutch kit uses a single mass flywheel, but is heavier than our standard version so that the RPMs do not drop too quickly, affecting drivability.

Idle Rattle Resolutions
With the replacement of the dual mass flywheel with an aluminum version, the spring mechanism which absorbs the driveline vibrations is no longer present. When using a stock, solid hub factory clutch disc, this can lead to annoying rattling sounds at idle. This idle rattle can sound like loose bolts in the transmission, and even worse, if the A/C compressor is turned on. Worse yet, is the cabin resonance at specific RPMs, which never improve or go away.

Rogue Engineering pioneered the concept of a sprung-hub clutch disc to help alleviate this issue. While the sprung hub mechanism in our custom built, sprung-hub clutch discs can reduce, minimize or even completely eliminate these typical noises, its cannot replicate the job of the heavier, dual mass flywheel. 

Which is the best for you?
We offer 3 "stages" of clutch kits to choose from.  Here are the ways to determine the best solution for your vehicle:

  • Stage 1:  The closest to "stock feel" that we offer.  Clutch pedal pressure is near identical to stock.  This is suited for vehicles that are still naturally aspirated, including tracked vehicles.
  • Stage 2:  Clutch pedal pressure increased by approximately 35% over stock.  Clamping force of the disc is increased to handle supercharged vehicles.
  • Stage 3:  Clutch pedal pressure increased by approximately 35% over stock.  Suitable for turbocharged vehicles.

What's included?
The parts included in all Rogue Engineering clutch kits are:

Benefits Galore
If your vehicle continues to have sluggish throttle response, poor acceleration, or is due for a clutch replacement, a Rogue Engineering Performance Clutch System can be your ticket to renewing more fun from your BMW! Additional questions may be answered by email or by phone (201.783.8600) during business hours.

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