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Rogue Engineering RACE Clutch

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5-speed E36/E46 transmissions
6-speed E46 S54 transmission
6-speed E39 540/M5
6-speed MZ4 S54, M54, M56 vehicles
The race clutch/flywheel combination for your BMW is the same unit used on World Challenge Touring cars today!  By reducing the rotational weight it allows your engine to rev incredibly quick!  From the aluminum flywheel to aluminum housing of the pressure plate, you can lose 20-30 of rotational weight from your drivetrain!

Available in a few configurations and number of discs.  
  • Smaller discs have less weight and less moment of inertia.  
  • Larger discs can handle more torque.
  • More discs can handle more power.
Kit includes flywheel, clutch, annular throw-out bearing, and hardware.
Clutch pedal stop is required for accurate and correct installation.

This is recommended for full race/track cars.  This is not a streetable setup!  This is NOT even for cars driven to the track!  This is for trailered, dedicated cars ONLY!

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