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Rogue Engineering S54 Vanos Oil Line

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Part Number:S54VAN

Now that BMWs popular S54 engine (found in the 2001-06 BMW M3, 2001-02 MZ3 and 2007-08 MZ4) are getting older, it's important to keep an eye on particular items. One such point is the S54 Vanos oil line. Normally thought of as a worry-free item, it has proven to put the damper on many track days.  Our stainless steel braided vanos line replaces the factory BMW part number 11-36-7-837-614 (current MSRP from BMW is $128.08!)

The high pressure (1200psi) control system of the S54 vanos system is used to ensure responsive and accurate camshaft adjustments. The added complexity of the high oil pressure used on the S54 vanos means more opportunities for failures. Some of our customers have encountered the high pressure hardline fail at the track, spraying oil all over their engine compartment, ending their day.

Rogue Engineering's S54 Vanos Oil Line is built in our Upper Saddle River, NJ facility, and tested to over 3000psi. Using our stainless steel braided hose with the proper banjo fittings, this a direct replacement for the factory line.  Like the factory line, the lower portion of the line uses a heat sleeve from additional heat from the Vanos pump itself.

Although this item is designed to be much more robust than the factory version, we recommend carrying a replacement to the track (perhaps for a friend?).  It is recommended that this item be inspected annually on track driven cars. 


These are a direct bolt in for the following vehicles:

  • 2001-06 BMW E46 M3
  • 2001-02 BMW MZ3, including coupe and convertible
  • 2007-08 BMW MZ4, including coupe and convertible

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