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S54 Engine

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Part Number:U-S54
Used S54s available.  All engines sold with coreIf you do not have a usable core, a core charge will be added to the cost of the engine.

Current inventory as of 1/25/23:
  1. 3.3L Built S54 - Inquire!

    This engine is ready to drop in and go!  It offers slightly more performance with it's extra displacement (from 3.2L to 3.3L), it has a head with valvetrain that has been built to OEM specs.  It is ready to go the distance for many, many miles!  It's forged pistons offer extra strength over the cast OEM pistons, but also allows us to overbore the block to fit these stronger, larger pistons in place.
    • Forged JE pistons with JE rings
    • OEM valves
    • OEM valve springs
    • Supertech valve stem seals
    • OEM 11.5:1 compression retained
    • OEM camshafts and crank
    • New main bearings and head bolts
    • Refurbished VANOS unit
      • Beisan Vanos Rattle Repair Kit
      • Beisan Vanos Seals Repair Kit
      • Beisan S54 exhaust sproket hub
      • Beisan Vanos oil pump disk
      • Beisan S54 Exhaust Upper Chain Guide
      • Beisan Rebuilt Vanos Solenoid Coil Pack
      • Beisan Vanos Sealing Plate Kit
      • Refurbished solenoid valves
      • Upgraded OEM diaphragm
      • Upgraded cam bolt hardware
      • New vanos gasket
    • ACL extra clearance rod bearings and OEM rod bolts
    • Valve adjustment performed
    • New head gasket, valve cover gasket kit, oil pan gasket (upper and lower)
  • S54 with rebuilt bottom end, 5k miles, SOLD.
    • Removed from totaled vehicle
    • New crank, new main bearings
    • New rod bearings, rod bolts
    • New piston rings
    • New oil pump
    • New timing chain and guides
    • New oil pump chain
    • All new gaskets and seals (front seal, rear main, head gasket, oil pan, etc.)

  • Current S54s in progress, Inquire.
    • Fully rebuilt, 0 mile engines (break in required)
    • 3.2L or optional 3.3L
    • OEM valves or Supertech inconel valves
    • OEM valve springs or Supertech valve springs (with titanium retainers)
    • OEM valve seals or Supertech valve seals
    • OEM pistons (reconditioned) with new rings or oversized pistons
    • 11.5:1 compression retained
    • New main bearings and head bolts
    • New rod bearings new rod bolts
    • New head gasket
    • All new gaskets/seals (front seal, rear main, head gasket, oil pan, etc.)
    • Reconditioned and pressure tested head
    • Disassembled and cleaned OEM oil pump
    • OEM crank with polished journals
    • OEM cams or performance cams 
    • Valve adjustment done
    • VANOS rebuilt with all Beisan parts (exhaust hub, oil pump disc, seals, rattle kit)

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