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S54 Engine

Your Price: $10,000.00
Part Number:U-S54
Used S54s available.  All engines sold with core.

Current inventory as follows:
  • S54 with rebuilt bottom end, 5k miles, Available.
    • Removed from totaled vehicle
    • New crank, new main bearings
    • New rod bearings, rod bolts
    • New piston rings
    • New oil pump
    • New timing chain and guides
    • New oil pump chain
    • All new gaskets and seals (front seal, rear main, head gasket, oil pan, etc.)

  • Current S54s in progress, Inquire.
    • Fully rebuilt, 0 mile engines (break in required)
    • 3.3L ( yes, bigger than 3.2L) and 3.2L configurations
    • Custom US-made, forged pistons with rings (or used OEM pistons with new rings).  
    • 11.5:1 compression retained
    • New main bearings
    • New rod bearings, new rod bolts
    • New head gasket
    • All new gaskets/seals (front seal, rear main, head gasket, oil pan, etc.)
    • Reconditioned and pressure tested head
    • Disassembled and cleaned OEM oil pump
    • OEM crank with polished journals
    • OEM cams
    • Valve adjustment done
    • VANOS rebuilt with all Beisan parts (exhaust hub, oil pump disc, seals, rattle kit)

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