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Safety & Interior

Rogue Engineering is proud to represent Cobra, Safecraft and Sabelt racing and safety equpiment! If you examine the fine details, you will see why these brands are the premier choice of racing professionals and those that demand the absolute best product in their track and racecars.

For those confused about SFI (SFI Foundation, Inc.) and FIA (International Automobile Federation), here's a quick run down.

SFI is a US based organization established to issue and administer standards for the quality assurance of specialty performance and racing equipment.  Most SFI rated items carry a 2 year term before expiration.

FIA is a European based governing body for world motorsport.  FIA rated items (mostly items produced outside the US) carry a 5 year term before expiration.

Safecraft products are certified to SFI 16.1 or 16.5 specifications. Safecraft can also customize many options for their harness systems, but we've narrowed down a few popular configurations. All Safecraft products are produced in the US.  FIA certification is available at additional cost.

For over 30 years Cobra Seats has been manufacturing exclusively in the United Kingdom, earning a reputation that unites innovative technology, quality of design and functional elegance.

Sabelt, based in Italy, brings over 40 years of safety innovation and products to the table. From their racing harnesses to racing shells, and accessories in between, there are a lot of great products to choose from when outfitting your vehicle for the track.  Most of their products carry FIA ratings.

If you have questions about Cobra, Safecraft or Sabelt products, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].