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Rogue Engineering's past project cars, such as our S54-powered E46 wagon and sedan, have allowed us to pioneer the modern BMW transplants that retain all factory emissions equipment and programming. Whereas this kind of upgrade is not financially feasible or sensible for the average enthusiast, we understand the need for significant power gains that simple bolt on items cannot deliver.

In the time it takes to pull and install an engine into a car, a forced induction kit can be installed and running in your BMW for a lot less money than a engine transplant. It is this reason why we offer the superchargers to enhance power for less money and aggrivation.

Rogue Engineering is pleased to be an authorized regional installation facility, as well as a technical partner with VF Engineering. We have installed various other brands of superchargers and few have the stellar support of VF.  

Installation of these products are available at our Upper Saddle River, NJ facility. Please enquire.

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    Rogue Engineering is proud to be a VF dealer for over 10 years!