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Rogue Engineering is proud to sponsor professional and amateur race teams around the country.  From IMSA, NASA, and BMWCCA, many people rely on Rogue Engineering parts to help with their racing efforts.

You may not see Rogue Engineering on many cars, but that's because we've extremely selective about the teams that we work with during the season.  Each team plays an important roll in helping Rogue Engineering test and develop products for the future.  

Our involvement in motorsports allows us to test our product under the most grueling situations.  However, the racecar testing only compliments our everyday, real world driving situations.  We firmly believe that our products are superior for street cars and can withstand the minute criticisms of the daily driver, but also handing the pressure inflicted by a racecar.  It is this balance that allows us to continue producing quality products suitable for the street, but tough enough for a racecar.

Automatic Racing Aston Martin Vantange 09, IMSA Continential GS

Automatic Racing Aston Martin Vantange 99, IMSA Continential GS

BimmerWorld BMW 328i #84 , IMSA Continential ST

BimmerWorld BMW 328i #81 , IMSA Continential ST