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Torca Exhaust Coupler Sleeve Clamps

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Part Number:TOR.EX
Torca Exhaust Coupler Clamps are a 100% stainless steel sleeve style clamp. This Torca exhaust clamp allows for easy and effective clamping of equal sized exhaust tubing utilizing a butt joint connection. 

No need to size, slot or joint your exhaust systems! Don't be fooled by inferior knock offs! The patented dual tongue and groove inner sleeve provides quick, easy and effective sealing and eliminates longitudinal movement of exhaust members.
The reaction block provides a full 360 degree equal distribution of stretching force, prohibiting pipe distortion. A patented dual tongue and groove inner sleeve completes the seal around the joined exhaust components. Bolts should be torqued to 45-60 ft-lbs.

Fits 2.5"OD pipe.

Sold individually.

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