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Welded Pie Cut, 180 Degree Bend, 304 Stainless Steel

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Tubing OD
When building our Rogue Engineering Diablo Caliente exhaust, we had to use tight-radius bends which were not possible in a mandrel bending machine.  Therefore we had welded, 15-piece, pie-cut, 180 degree bends produced to make those 1D radius turns while keeping the turns smooth.  We realized that this extra work also meant creating something not only useful but beautiful a the same time.

We asked our factory to build a few sets of these, in various sizes, so that others that that were fabricating special projects could benefit from them.

These are sold EACH, in 2.25", 2.5" or 3" OD.   Each of these bends are available ONLY as 1D bends.  We cannot produce custom centerline bends as these are already pre-fabricated for us.

What is a 1D bend?
A 1D bend would be a centerline bend radius that is one times the diameter of the pipe.  For example, a 1D bend on a 3" tube would be a 3" centerline radius.  1D bends are also considered "short radius" bends.

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