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Accuseal Exhaust Clamp, 430 Stainless Steel

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Rogue Engineering proudly uses US-made Accuseal 430 bright stainless steel clamps on its exhaust systems (that require clamping). These clamps provide high clamp loads without permanent distortion of the exhaust tube.

The unique fastening system stretches the band while the "reaction block" provides full 360 degree, equal distribution of stretch force. This prevents pipe distortion while completely sealing around the joined exhaust components

These clamps are available in an array of sizes. To correctly determine the size you need, measure the OUTSIDE of your exhaust pipe. This determines what size clamp you require. For example, if your exhaust pipe measures 2.5", you need the 2.5" clamp. 

AccuSeal Clamps are designed to be used on ID/OD style connections. For example, if you have a 2.5" exhaust, the clamp is designed to fit over tubing that has been flared to a 2.50" ID, or over an exhaust component such as a muffler that has a 2.5" ID inlet or outlet. For optimal sealing, the larger side of the connection (the ID side) should have relief slots cut in it.

Torca AccuSeal® Clamp Features:

  • Torque to 40-60 ft-lbs
  • For slotted lap style joint connection
  • 360° Reaction Block
  • Hexavalent Chrome-free
  • High Clamp Load Capability
  • Pre-assembled for easy installation
  • Does not crimp pipes
  • Easy to disassemble and service joints
  • Made in the USA

Sold individually.

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