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RE/CSF E46 M3 Oil Cooler/Radiator SPECIAL!

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Give your 2001-06 BMW E46 M3 the cooling it needs! FREE shipping in the CONUS! 

Rogue Engineering is proud to offer it's high performance E46 M3 oil cooler, produced in conjunction with CSF as a technical partner.  

OEM vs. Rogue Engineering Oil Cooler

Some will say, "Hey!  The factory already comes with it's own oil cooler!".  Yes, it does.  Unfortunately, when the E46 M3 runs around the track for only a few minutes, the oil temperatures skyrockets quickly.  Keeping the temperatures under control prevents the breakdown of the synthetic oil in the engine.  This is a MUST for anyone that drives their E46 M3 at the track or at the limit!

At (1.3)m2 surface area, the factory oil cooler struggles to keep temperatures cool on hot days and stop and go traffic.  With the Rogue Engineering/CSF designed version, surface area increases to (2.4)m2, near double.  This allows for cool, consistent temperatures in the hottest of days driven at the very limit.  Testing in our own track car showed that a preproduction sample to provide near similar results as a high dollar oil cooler currently available on the market.

The Rogue Engineering/CSF oil cooler uses a bar and plate construction (vs. tube and fin) in a top/bottom configuration.  During the development process, we considered a front/back design, but with the of the core size (being only 3") it would only increase the price of manufacturing.  Real world testing showed no noticeable performance benefit.  The cooler uses extruded end tanks means a much stronger design than simple bent aluminum sheet construction.  This is also designed to bolt to the CSF PERFORMANCE RADIATOR or OEM unit in addition to using the factory oil cooler lines.

Replacement OEM oil cooler o-rings are recommended with installation. 

OEM vs. CSF Radiator

Unique three-pass design maximizes cooling. CSF builds an industry leading, high-quality, all aluminum drop-in radiator that exceeds OE standards, gets rid of the plastic end tanks, and improves cooling by 25-30%.  These are NOT just aluminum radiators with OE cores!

We trust CSF quality and performance in our street and track cars to provide proper cooling with an easy direct-fit install. These radiators are a factory replacement using all factory shrouding, clip-on hoses, and mounting points.

CSF uses new technology packed into a compact two-row design for better cooling capacity without the added weight. More efficient B-tubes have greater surface area for cooling (15% cooling capacity increase in fin technology alone) and a precision multi-louvered fin to increase heat rejection performance and surface area contact. Additionally, this CSF part has more total cooling tubes, and a three-pass flow design for maximum cooling in race environments and extreme driving conditions.

CSF three-pass flow design

These technical features all contribute to improved cooling efficiency over OE-type performance upgrades, as well as other standard "performance" aluminum tanked radiators which are nothing more than aluminum tanks on a traditional stock core.

Made in Indonesia in the same factory that produces CSF parts for aftermarket and car line production for several European cars. This part is a much higher level of quality than the typical Chinese factory parts. CSF's Racing & High Performance Division is able to produce a premium high performance cooling system with a level of quality and craftsmanship that is usually found in products with a much higher price point due to their economies of scale of over 600,000 units sold globally every year.

INSTALLATION NOTE: Any radiator replacement can result in air pockets during initial installation/filling which will not allow the system to function properly. Special care must be taken to fully bleed all air in radiator, engine, and cooling system before operation.

All CSF radiators come with a two year warranty against defects in craftsmanship.

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