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RPI Ram Air Induction

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Free HP, Just Ask
You may not know, but your car has hidden performance potential.  You can extract some of that performance with bolt on items such as power pulleys or intakes, but making the most of what you have just got a little easier for a small investment.

The Factory Intake Sucks (sucks air, that is!)
The factory intake on a BMW pulls air from a number of sources (vacuum), but not limited to the front kidney grills, brake ducts (E46 M3) and even the hood (E9X M3).  This way, there are always a number of fresh air sources at all times.  RPi's Ram Air Induction scoops maximize this design.

At driving speed, the RPi scoops divert air into the intake box (or aftermarket intake, if being used)forcing air into the intake, pressurizing the intake system.  As the speed of the vehicle increases, it forces more and more air into the intake system, allowing for more HP.

At Rogue Engineering, we have tested the before and after the installation of the scoops on an E46 M3.  With a consistent airflow, we measured the delta between the source airflow stream and at the intake level.  The results show a 56% improvement in airflow at the intake.

Starting Airflow Rate1800 ft/min
STOCK530 ft/min
With RPI Scoops1300 ft/min

From our testing, the stock intake configuration only gets 29% of the incoming front airflow to the vehicle.  With the addition of the RPI Ram Air Induction scoops, this airflow increased to a whopping 72%.  More air equals more power!

Easy Installation
Installation of any of the Ram Air Induction scoops takes only a few minutes with simple hand tools.  Each scoop design has been meticulously designed, redesigned, and dyno-verified for the maximum HP gains.  Rogue Engineering stocks ONLY the latest revisions of the scoop designs.

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